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The Chinese Government in collaboration with the minister of education and the china scholarship council present a lot of scholarships for both local and international students. China university scholarships differ in three types:


Scholarship number one which is the government scholarship, which covers tuition fees, Accommodation, security, monthly allowance, healthcare, books and so on. With this kind of scholarship, applicants must meet certain requirements; mostly students with outstanding performances stand a great chance of landing this kind of scholarship. The government of a particular country can also offer students with this kind of scholarship to study in China. Students who wish to apply for this kind of scholarships should kindly go through our website for the requirements needed and the procedures to follow.

Second type of scholarship is the half scholarship, under this kind of scholarship, government may decide to cover only the accommodation expenses then students will pay for the tuition fees or may decide to cover the tuition fees then students will pay for their own accommodation.

The last type of scholarship is the commonest of all especially in most universities in china. Under this kind of Scholarship, Both the government and the school award scholarships to students based on academic performance, well behaved, attendance or recommendation from lecturers. At the End of every Academic year students overall academic performance are summed up, students who make the best scores are then awarded the scholarships. Regardless of academic performance Attendance, good behaviour is also taken into consideration.