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CET Kunming

CET Kunming students undertake a full-time Chinese language pledge and cover an entire year of university-level Chinese in 9 weeks. Outside the classroom—with the language pledge still in place—excursions give an inside look at issues particular to the Yunnan region, such as environmental conservation efforts and ethnic minorities.

●CIEE Summer Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing, China

Through intensive Mandarin language training, area studies electives, weekly sessions with Chinese peer tutors, a homestay option, and cultural excursions you won’t simply study Chinese. Increase your intermediate to advanced-level Mandarin proficiency while exploring Beijing’s role in greater Chinese society.

USAC China, Chengdu

It is one of the best settings to learn Mandarin Chinese and to experience the Chinese culture and people. Students will have the choice of taking an intensive Chinese language program, or taking other various electives revolving around Chinese food, culture, history and more, along with an introductory Chinese language course.

●Hutong School: Study Chinese in Beijing & Shanghai

Hutong School offers a unique Chinese study abroad program in China, with personalised lessons for all students, ensures you have the opportunity to learn Chinese at your own pace.