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We are pleased to offer scholarships to deserving students each academic year, generously funded by the host universities, by the government and by ACASC itself.  Many scholarships are paired with volunteering, interning, or professional experience, granting students more opportunities to become involved in the local or study abroad community.

Some of the scholarships given by the university include : Scholarships for full attendance, scholarships given on merit, scholarships for class presidents etc

Scholarships are available to any student who meets the eligibility requirements. Note that in some universities, scholarships are not only available to a student in first year, but is also available to students through out their studies at that university.

Some of the scholarships available :

- Students studying MBBS, Dentistry etc  at certain universities

- Students studying Non-Degree, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate Degrees.

For more information about scholarships please feel free to ask one of our admission representatives that is helping you with your application.