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At ACASC we view each student as an individual with his or her own academic, professional and personal goals, dreams, passions and objectives. We view it as our responsibility to dedicate ourselves in providing each student with the educational environment and tools to reach their goals to study abroad. At every step in the process to study abroad, ACASC holds true to its mission for providing all students with a cultural immersion learning experience that will allow them to develop a sense of global awareness and respnsibility. There are alot of things to consider from choosing a course to which university to study in. This is a life changing decision to make and alot of things are to mentioned. Time, money, and efforts are a few to mention. This guide will give you an insight from the start of your process to the end. It will assist you on what to do and when to do it. Below is a simple guide for applying through ACASC :



Begin researching ACASC locations and programs.  

Initially you need to research more on what you want to study. The best decision to make during this period is to focus more on your passion. What you enjoy doing gives you an inner happiness when doing it. Our in-depth search tool  will assist you. We have simplified and categorized the courses offered by universities and colleges in China to make it very easy for you. Check our family courses for more detail.

2. Speak to one of our counsellors about any of the following questions/priorities

Learn about our cities and different universities

• Why do you want to study abroad?

• Where do you want to end up as a result of study abroad?

• What are your academic, professional and personal goals?

• Do you have a particular language interest or experience?

• What is your major/minor? Do you have any academic requirements to consider before studying abroad?

• Are there any special situations that need to be considered in planning your program abroad (i.e. academic requirements, sports, job, family, disability)?

• Where do you want to live: Dormitory or student apartment? What sort of activities do you enjoy (i.e. music, sports, volunteering, newspaper, theater, student government)?

• What concerns do you have, if any, about studying abroad?

• Application deadlines and entry requirements of the various courses and universities.

• The fees structure of various courses and universities.

• Students’ financial status.

• Cities in China are categorized as follows: HOT cities, Provincial cities and Secondary cities.

• Climate status.

For more information on where to study, check our city guide.


“A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position”-- John Maxwell. The most important thing about choosing a course is to think about what you really enjoy doing so that reaching your goals will be easily accomplished with great happiness. Passion plays a vital role in choosing a course.

In China, degree courses tend to be specialized, allowing students to focus on their chosen course from day one. Before you choose a course, carefully read the course descriptions and make sure they are in alignment with your dream job.

In China, courses are categorized into family courses and are further divided into sub-courses. International Students have a range of courses to choose from. Students can apply up to five courses in different universities.

Some universities offers a Scholarship scheme for some courses.

In China, undergraduate degree courses are offered for 4-5 years depending on the major.  Master’s degree courses are offered for 2-3 years and doctorate degree courses are offered for 3-5 years. Non-degree courses take a life span of either a semester i.e. 3-5 months or two semesters i.e. 1 year.

Universities and colleges in China accepts spring/autumn intake.


If students are denied admission for up to 5 courses, we provide this service to place them into other universities with their desired course. With this service, students can’t specify the place they want to study. This service is based solely on the course vacancies available at that moment.