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The Acasc program requires students to have a valid passport. Passport applications can take multiple months depending on the country a student is from, so students are encouraged to apply for a passport (if they do not have one already) as early as possible so as not to delay any processes in the near future. Students should also note the expiry date on the passport and make sure all personal details are correct.

After being admitted by a Chinese university, international students need to apply to the Chinese Embassy (or a consulate) in their home country for an X visa with documents including Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students (Form JW201 or JW202), and Physical Examination Form for Foreigners. Foreign students studying in China are required to hold an ordinary passport as mentioned above and an X visa.

ACASC provides students with arrival windows and dates for their chosen program in a specific university, allowing students to arrange the best travel to suit their needs and requirments. We encourage students to book their flights well in advance as the number of tickets maybe limited according to the specific airline you choose. Booking tickets in advance may also cut the cost of airline ticket prices increasing due to vacation times etc

Students should also make it their provocative to find out detailed information about their allocated baggage allowance and travel routes which is provided by their chosen airline.

Life in a new country with different certain can sometimes come with challenges. We advise that before you leave your home country to begin a new life at the university or college, please do well to have full knowledge of your destination and prepare in advance. Be certain of your travel arrangements, accommodation, finances and necessary materials required for the program.