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Parents Q and A

What are the admission requiremnets?

Admission requirements will vary for each university.

Some may have:

- Language prerequisites(Native or Non-Native English speaker)

- Course subject requirements

(Pleases check the documents and basic eligibility requirements for a chosen course)

How much will it cost ?

Program costs vary greatly depending on a students lifestyle but tution fees etc are fixed for a chosen course.

More information on costs and budget planning are available on our site.

The safety of a student?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a student's safety at home or while abroad. However we recommend using comon sense

For example:

- Walk in pairs or groups

- If you choose to drink alcohol, be responsible

- Don't part take in recreational drugs

- Try your best to learn the local language

- Be alert and aware of your surroundings

How can I stay in touch with my child while abroad?

The frequency with which you contact your student will depend entirely on you and your child's preferences.

Here are some communication methods to consider:

- skype

- whatsapp

- wechat

- viber

- Get contact details of close friends

- Facetime

Where will my child live?

Depending on the student's preferences and your budget, students can choose:

- The university dormitory

- A shared apartment

ACASC will help your student determine what options are available.