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Studying abroad is a very overwhelming experience for both parents and students, especially when it’s the first time. To the student, it will be a very exciting time and he/ she will be looking forward to that. However to the parents it can be a very difficult. This will depend on so many factors. For instance some parents even though excited for their wards, will have to make so many sacrifices to ensure that their child who will be studying abroad has a comfortable life. This means that most parents are expected to bear the financial burden involved during this stage and that can be very difficult.

Apart from the financial burden that will be borne by the parents, they will need to accept the fact that they will not be seeing their ward for the entire period when they will be studying. This is where most parents will have concerns about the safety of their child since they will not be around to control their movements and hence ensure their safety.

All these thoughts can be very stressful to the parents especially, and could end up bringing up mixed feelings about allowing their child to study in another country.

This situations are very much understandable and ACASC has does their best to ensure that the students are well catered for when they arrive in China. ACASC offers an air port pickup service to students who ask for it. In that case when this arrangement is made, ACASC is fully responsible for the safety of the student from the airport to the university, where the student will be registered as a student and then be under the protection of the school.

Even for students who do not use the ACASC pick up service, they are guaranteed the protection of the school once they arrive at our offices and are registered as students. We will like to advice that, nobody can ever completely monitor any students activities, and we always advice students to follow all the rules and regulations of the school to keep them safe. Due to the ever increasing number of students on campus, these rules have been setup to ensure safety to students on campus.

It should also be noted that the school cannot ensure the total safety of students when they are off campus and so parents should advice their students to try and stay on campus and work with the rules.

We will assure parents that China, and our school environment are safe enough for students and parents should not fear once their ward is following all the rules and regulations.

Parents are allowed to visit students in china once they have the adequate visa, and ACASC can help even with some arrangements should need be. ACASC will also advice parents to talk to their wards regularly either on phone or through messages to ensure that they are doing okay.

Even though ACASC offers counseling services to students, we feel that it is necessary to be in contact with relatives, and we recommend it because it helps mould the students in many ways.

ACASC recognizes all the efforts that parents are constantly putting in to ensure that their wards have top notch education to become successful people in society, and with that we will also do our best to ensure that your students get the best quality education possible.