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ACASC team consists of professionals from 15 different countries from all around the world some of which have been part of the ACASC program for many years. These professionals are noble nationals from USA, UK, Asia, Africa and Europe. The cultural diversity of our team enhance us to understand the different behaviors and the types of people we deal with from all around the world and in addition, contributes with a responsible, fun and innovative working environment. Our team is made up of qualified professionals, all working hard to offer international students the service of finding the perfect place to find all the information about universities, educational programs, scholarships and online open days. We have the resources, experience and determination to provide what our students require in a study abroad program, and to safeguard their welfare around the globe.Our team is dedicated to uphold our vision and mission and you will definitely feel in capable hands.


Dr. Gulnar Nurdanhazy Founder & Chief Executive Officer.jpgEmily Community Intern.jpg

Dr. Gulnar Nurdanhazy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Community Intern

Grace University Value Advisor-South Asia.jpgJoyce Client Marketing Specialist.jpg


University Value Advisor-South Asia


Client Marketing Specialist

Lisa Community Manager.jpgPang Candy Chief Operating Officer.jpg


Community Manager

Pang Candy

Chief Operating Officer

Snow  Head of Finance.jpgSummer Visual Designer.jpg


Head of Finance


Visual Designer

Sun fei  Community Management Assistant.jpgYolanda   Marketing Director.jpg

Sun fei

Community Management Assistant


Marketing Director