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Leslie Davids came to China 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia to study MBBS in Beijing.

He tells us about his study abroad experience in China after applying through ACASC.

“I made friends for life “

I met two Chinese Medical students who stood out among the countless friends I made from all around the world. They personally took me around Beijing and to the main cities like Tianjin and Shanghai showing me all the main tourist attraction sites like the Great Wall etc -

Chinese hospitality at its finest.

“ I have named Beijing the most accomodating and action packed city just like NEW York”

Simply because it has something to offer for every person and every occasion. Theres many alternative clothing stores, heaps of music venues, countless restaurants with different cuisines are available.

“Take the risk “

The idea of leaving behind your family and the friends you already have is daunting but the benefits you get from studying abroad truly makes you forget every hesitation or worry.

“ China has a destinct culture “

I chose to go to China because of its distinct and unique cultures, the traditions and the cuisines that are available. Being a person who has a thirst for adventure , going to China to persue my dreams was a dream come true.

Now that I have graduated and completed my medical degree and I am back home, I can’t wait to go back to China to visit. I have just completed my USMLE exam, as I want to work in America which has always been my dream.

Applying through ACASC and coming to China has been one of the greatest decisons I have made.

Thank you ACASC.

Kate Scofield from England came to China 5 years ago to study in Guangzhou.

"I am so fortunate to have had the experience to study abroad in China. My semester abroad has by far been the best semester of my three years in college. Going into the semester, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I think I picked the farthest place away from home so you can only imagine my nerves. Luckily my time there exceeded any expectations I could have had. Chinese have a very relaxed and welcoming culture, making it very easy to get accustomed and meet the locals. I quickly made relationships with them, as well as people from all over the world.  They freely invited me and other Americans back to see their hometowns and took us to some of their favorite places.  I was astounded by the generosity and kindness of their people and that is what made my experience so amazing.  Having that time away from home also allowed me to grow as an individual. I learned that developing strong relationships with people is one of the most important and rewarding things in life. I came with just a suitcase, and left with some of my best friends."