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What ACASC Do For Students

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Using our application service to apply for your university, we assure of good service and transparent decision making. Acasc consultants would like to see all your relevant documents and then help you to choose the best programs, and ACASC Student Service Team will assist you to prepare and submit the required documents. We would submit your documents to the university and if Chinese universities receive your applications, ACASC will be reporting to you about which phase or stage your case has been processed to. We will not leave any stone un-turn. Any details that you need to know about your application you would be told regularly. Your admission and smile, our priority is our main mission. It is our responsibilities to get all the necessary information from the university so that we inform our students about it through online. The ACASC service fee you need to pay is 100 USD but not all university admission fees tallies that amount. Apparently these universities charge 150 USD for admission fee

· Fudan University

· Peking University

· Tongji University

· Tsinghua University

· Jinan University

· Renmin University of China

· Beijing Normal University

· Nanjing University

· Wenzhou University

· China Jiliang University

· Hangzhou University

· Wenzhou Medical University

· Minzu University of China

Application Process and what we are

1. Tell us the name of the university

2. Fill carefully and complete the online application form

3. Pay the application form which is for the university and we are authorized by the universities to take it on their behalf

4. Be patient and track your application


ACASC Service Fee

We charge as low as 100 USD

Our Mandatory

· We make sure we tell you everything concerning your admission

· We try as much as possible for you to be admitted

· We send you your admission letter and JW202 through DHL.

· All these is done when you pay our service fee



1. Who is going to pick me up at the airport?

2. Whom should I pay to?

3. Am I going to be admitted?

4. Is the application fee refundable?

5. Which university is the best?

6. Can apply with O level certificate?


We do pick up service at the airport as well. All you need to do is to buy a ticket or book your flight and let us know your name, take a picture of the ticket and send it to us.