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Admission Center For Advanced Studies In China

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Admission Center for Advanced Studies in China (ACASC) is a recruiting company in China and beyond for universities around the world. We help students to get admission in no time. Our teams are online 24/7 to assist you through your admission. Acasc is a competent, efficient and authentic online portal that acts as a bridge between international students around the globe. The team are well trained with excellent and are of good manner, they know how to use excellent language expression and communication skills, they have a good team work spirit. We are the trailblazer at connecting international students across the world. In China we have about 400 universities we are working with. One will ask how on earth we had all these universities at our finger tips, it is because of our good work, enthusiastic, transparent of our service to the universities and the students, competent, reliable and efficient. Everybody wants the best for him or herself. Study in China is very simple but very difficult to by and you will be if you follow the guidelines and regulations. Are you planning to study in China? If yes then these are some of the things you need to know. We are here to help you get the chance of studying in China so that your dreams will come through. Our main objective is to help develop China with the country with the largest number of various international students across the world.. Also we ought to establish a mutual system, flexible with the overall scale and development of education not only in China but across the world.

As soon as you arrive you would be taken to the university’s hospital for a check-up to confirm of what you sent during the application processes by Acasc councilor, if the institution’s hospital results does not match up with your results from your home country you would be sent back your home country. This test is done here in order for you to be able to get your residence permit. All students must know this and adhere to; it is a compulsory for all to apply for residence permit to the local police or immigration authority within 30 days upon their arrival. These are the most important documents you need to carry along with you to the immigration for your residence permit: passport, original Admission Letter, original Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202), verified health report from your host institution, and a passport picture which meets the picturing requirements of the immigration. Note living in China without residence permit is illegal. Admission Center for Advanced Studies in China will help you out through all the necessary registration in school.