Masters Degree in International Trade

Masters Degree in International Trade
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Master’s degree in International Trade 

Program overview: 

The Master of International Trade and Development aims to instil the ability to think and act strategically about international trade and development issues. The program trains students with a practical understanding of current international trade and investment issues, the political dynamics of the negotiating environment and the opportunities and challenges presented to businesses by the globalised economy. This program is created to give graduates a competitive edge .Students will leave the program armed to put their newly gained knowledge into practice in their workplace with a practically-orientated understanding of global, regional and national trade, investment and development matters. 

Schools offering Masters Programs in International Trade and Business

Ø Beijing Foreign Studies University : Chinese Business and International Relations

Ø Huazhong University off Science and Trade : International trade

Ø Zhejiang Gongshan University : International trade – Chinese Business

Ø University of International Business and Economics: International Business

Ø Shanghai University: International Trade

Ø Nankai University: International Economics and Business

Ø SouthEast University: Master’s program in International business/ International Trade

Ø  Shandong University: International trade/International Relations

Ø Ocean University of China: Masters of international Business

Ø Wuhan University of Technology: International Economics And Trade

Ø University of Science and Technology Beijing: International Trade

Ø Xiamen University: International Business

Ø Nanjing University of Science and Technology: International Trade