Best International Business Colleges

Best International Business Colleges
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Business Schools in China has been more and more popular in China. If you want to study business in China, you can choose one of following business school in China.

Beijing International MBA

Beijing International MBA enjoys great cooperation with a consortium of 26 pursuing system innovation and nurturing executive personnel with insights.

Business Education and Research School of Fudan University

Located in Shanghai - a city of vitality, the school has good fame in international cooperation and student career development. 

Peking University, Guanghua School of Management

The management programs of Guanghua School of Management are the most competitive one in Chinese business schools. It recruits most promising young talent from across the country each year.

International Business School, Nankai Uniaversity

It has 3 first-class business disciplines in China. It has an international management forum, the first legitimate long-term forum devoted to international management theory and experience exchange.

The School of Management of Xiamen University

The School of Management of Xiamen University has excellent teaching, such as business plan competition, case study competition, global business management competition and many internship programs.

Antai College, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Antai College has made reputation in developing the highest-level managerial talent, with totally international viewpoints and capacities.