Best Colleges for International Relations

Best Colleges for International Relations
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International relations is an academic discipline that deals with the study of the relations or interactions of the enactors in international politics. It is an equally vast field of study. Depending on the school you attend, it relates to a field of Political science, which is similar to global studies. Its can also be defined as a discipline which studies a range of internationally focused courses in humanities and social sciences. In general, it is a field which studies the relationships that are between political entities like sovereign states, inter-governmental organizations, non governmental organizations, international non governmental organizations and other multinational corporations.


InChina, Studying this program is aimed at arming International students with the required skills and knowledge, simultaneously providing them with courses designed specifically to make them more competitive. Graduates can offer their services in either governmental or diplomatic positions.

The first certification a student can receive upon successful completion of study duration is a Bachelors Degree. Further qualifications like the Masters, PHD and Associates Degrees can also be awarded.

Colleges inChinaare committed to preparing innovative professionals and also future global leaders for a wider range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our current times.

Studying international relations abroad will improve your social skills and help with multilateral relations. With the increasing population of foreign nationals inChina, it is easier and better to study International relations here. This is because you as a student will rub shoulders and share ideas with the other nationalities understand their ideas and concepts and build more international ties that might come in handy in the near future.

Graduates will find job opportunities in a wide range of fields working as: international relations consultants and advisers, scientific collaborators, international business managers and translators.



What are the Benefits of Studying International relations inChina?


International relations is a very vast field, after graduation students will be able to follow a wide range of career paths, from the sciences side to the business side. These are the benefits derived from studying agriculture inChina:


●China surrounds students with the right atmosphere which enables all students to study in happiness and satisfaction, while making students feel at home with the hospitability of the natives.

●The skills and knowledge that is gotten from the professors and lecturers are of high standard. A standard many will rightly match with that of Europe and theUS.

●Graduate students from China Universities are qualified to work in any Country. They are also qualified to sit any examination for a higher qualification in any country.

●Over 89% of graduates from china stand out wherever they go due to the rich and exceptional internship opportunities and practical teaching lessons adopted by the colleges and universities in China.


Below are the best schools in china which offer International Relations as a Major in english consortiums:

●Sichuan  University

●Nankai  University

●Peking  University

●Renmin University ofChina

●Nanjing  University

●Fudan  University

●Wuhan  University of Technology

●Xiamen  University

●University   of  Ningbo  China

●Tsinghua  University

●Peking  University

●Wuhan  University of Technology

●University of International Relations, Beijing

●Shanghai  International Studies  University

●China Foreign Affairs University

●Beijing  International Studies  University

●Minzu University ofChinaOffice of International Relations

●Yasumoto  International Academic  Park

●Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong  Baptist University.