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Most universities provide accommodation in the form of dormitories which are neat and in good condition. Depending on the university you can choose to stay in a single or double dormitory, with the extra costs to be paid by the student.

Prices for dormitories are paid yearly, with the price varying from 4000-15000 RMB per annum.

Dormitories include basic necessities : Heating, Wifi, campus security, basic furniture etc

Please note that each university provides differently when regarding dormitories.


Students could also choose to go another route where they rent out an apartment privately.

Apartments usually have 2-3 bedrooms, and most students prefer to get roommates or friends to live with them, so rent,living and maintainance costs are shared. Students could also choose to live by themselves if they can accommodate for the finances.

Apartments costs vary depending on the owner of the apartment, the location, number of rooms, appliances and furniture that is included in the place. Cost per month is about 1200-3000RMB.

More information about accommodation is available in brochures provided by ACASC.