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Acasc has grown and evolved throughout the years passing many major milestones, that was important for the development of the organisation, along the way.

In the year 2006, ACASC in collaboration with six medical universities formed The International College Centre of Hebei North University to recruit international students from all over the world to study MBBS in China. Both parties formed a joint cooperation in the drawing up of the curriculum and structure for the MBBS program, obtaining accreditations and recognitions, the recruitment of lecturers and the recruitment of international students. Frustrated by the lack of different majors offered in Hebei North University, ACASC made it their mission to seek other universities and colleges in China to assist international students interested in studying different majors, a chance to use our online platform and this has proved to be an overwhelming success.

Today, what was once a small but innovative group of six consultants has transformed to a diversified organization comprised of nearly 29 staff members, partnering with more than 400 colleges and universities across China. Annually, nearly 500,000 applicants use the ACASC online admission portal to submit over 1.7 million applications.