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Student safety, security, and health are of primary importance to ACASC. While we can never guarantee an entirely risk-free environment, we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure a positive and safe experience for our students.

Regarding the “Physical Examination Record for a Foreigner” which is compulsory, International students who study only for one semester generally need not take the physical examination. You can consult with the Chinese embassy in your country whether you need the ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’ or not.

International students who come to China to study for one academic year or more must take the physical examination. The medical examination can be done either before or after the student enters China.

The physical examination should be taken in the public hospitals one month before their departure, if the physical check-up is done at a private hospital, the student should get the certificate notarized. Some Chinese Embassies/Consulates have specific hospitals/clinics that they highly insist that the physical examination is performed there. Check the requirements of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country or where you’ll be applying for your Chinese visa.

Regarding personal health and safety, each student should be made aware that they should make arrangments if either their health or safety is compromised.

Depending on which country a student is from , if need be, a student health insurance should be taken.

Students should also note that medical care is available at hospitals and clinics( students are liable for the medical bills)

Throughout our experience, you can trust ACASC to have seen it all, so rest assured, any questions you have we are ready to answer and provide our services and advice throughout the whole process.

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Entirely our aim is to play a significant role in developing and empowering the whole student – promoting their ability to take control of their own living & learning through wellness, self-confidence, self-awareness, personal meaning and responsible citizenship.