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Food is a particularly personal thing, in that no dish suits all tastes.  

Foreigners coming to China may have all kinds of "surprises" and "adventures" due to cultural differences.

There is no surprise that chinese local foods compared to food back home is totally different. This is because Chinese recipes are made to suite the tastes and flavors of the chinese locals.

Don’t be frightened off when people tell you that there is hardly food for foreigners to indulge in, because there is. Regardless of where you choose to study in China, regional cuisines from across the country can be found in any Chinese city.

International food is widely available: Western fast food chains are available , including Mcdonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc

Vegetarianism is not widely practiced in china, but students could feast at buddhist restaurants, or in normal restaurnats where vegetarian dishes are prepared.

Halaal food is becoming more increasingly available all over China.

If these do not suite your demands , supermarkets have everything you need to spices, fresh produce, dairy products etc at budget friendly prices, which you could use to make your own meal.

Students should also learn more about the city they are going to by reading brochures provided by ACASC. The wider the city, the greater the variety.

There are some cities that provide a wide variety of foods eg.

Beijing is a gathering place for food and delights in China.You can taste almost anything you want.. Traditional food and exotic food provides you many choices.

Xiamen cuisine is mainly served steamed, fried and stewed. Dishes are usually fresh and light in flavor, and are sometimes slightly spicy. Famous offerings include seafood and vegetarian treats.

There are more than 200 varieties of Xiamen snacks, with rice dumplings, fishball soup, oysters and barbeque sauce noodles proving most popular. Fresh seafood is available in almost every restaurant in the city.

Salted fish and meat feature important food at the Spring Festival in Shanghai. The modern city is also famous for its tangbao, or soup dumplings, which are classic steamed buns delicately harboring pools of delicious meat juices.

Zhangjiakou has a widespread of halal food available , including halal chicken, meat and halal western and chinese restaurants.