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School of Finance
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School of finance is a university level institution that offers finance degrees programs and focuses on study business programs that involves a wide range of activities and disciplines surrounding the involvement of money and other valuable assets. Finance degrees are offered in affiliation with accounting, management business or economics Finance.

Finance Schools prepare students for careers of financial analyst, financial managers, investment bankers, financial clerks, commodities sales agents, accountants and auditors and much more.

Students can pursue bachelor’s degree, masters or PHD in finance from finance institutions to ensure the best of financial careers.

Finance degree entails the blending of technical and theatrical knowledge, coupled with financial skills and experience you will need to attempt into finance careers. Usually the finance course takes like three or four years to graduate.

Areas of specialization of school of finance

School of Finance offers students with the opportunity to either specialize in any of the following areas:

· Financial management

· Financial analysis

· Investment

· Corporate environment

· Public sector

· Financial accounting

Financial reporting