BSC international Business

BSC international Business
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International Business entails all commercial transactions and that takes place between two or more regions. International Business prepares you for future management roles in international spheres.

The curriculum of international business degree combines standard fare of business courses with the unique perspective on how to do business on a global scale.


Why study International Business?

The Study of international business will help student to prepare for diverse business opportunities. The course helps broaden your chances to earn jobs in many organizational sectors such as the banking sector, marketing sector, government organizations and so more.

International Business will help you to examine on how business organizations operate in an international environment which will help you gain the understanding on development and implementation of managerial activities, strategy, and organizational issues relating to cross-border activities.

Career Opportunities

International Business is one of the business courses that offers graduate a wide range of occupational choices such:

· Import/Export Agent

· Translator

· Foreign currency investment advisor

· Foreign sales representative

· International Management  consultant

· Financial Controller and so on.