BSC Business Administration

BSC Business Administration
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Business administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of management positions. From major corporations to independent businesses, every operation needs skilled administrators in order to success.

It also includes the performance or management of Business operations and decision making, as well as the efficient organization of people and other resources, to direct activities toward goals and objectives.


Why study Business administration?

A degree in business administration may open a wide variety of doors for those wishing to pursue a career in many business sectors. Retail, hospitality, IT, manufacturing, education, non-profit and others all need people with strong business acumen.

It also provide graduates a wide range of option when it comes choosing which companies at which they can seek employment.

Degree in business administration provides you with a variety of tools and knowledge that are valuable to any business. You will learn the basic business model and when it is best to apply each based on the type of business and other factors.

Students who study business administration also learn to effectively communicate, strategies for time organization, computer skills, problem solving, and much more.


Business administration probably incorporates one of the widest ranges of career opportunities available, making it an extreme popular career choice. A degree in Business administration can open opportunities for working in any many companies. Here are some job opportunities if you study business administration: 

· Business Administration Trainee

· Business Administration & Management  Representative

· Marketing Communication/Business Administration Assistant

· Chartered accountant

· Chartered certified accountant

· Chartered management accountant

· Company secretary

· Forensic accountant