University Ranking Economics

University Ranking Economics
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University Ranking Economics 

Do you want to study Economics? Are you looking for a good school to pursue your studies? You might certainly be having a difficult time; maybe you do not even know where to begin your search. Below is a list of good universities in China that offer quality courses to international students. This list may prove to be helpful as you explore your options. 

· Peking University is one of China’s leading institutes in higher learning and research.  Located in Beijing, It’s a member of the C9 League (China’s Ivy League equivalent).

· Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is located in Chengdu Sichuan. Ranked among the top 3 Finance and Business oriented universities in China, this university has been enrolling international universities for over 20 years now.

· Nanjing Normal University is ranked among the top 5 normal universities in China and has 1 152 graduate degree holding teachers among its staff. This school has employed more than 400 foreign professionals and enrolls over 1 600 international students annually. 

· Nanchang University has more than 36 000 full time students. This university has a library with a collection of about 2.65 million books; this includes foreign publications. 

· Shijiazhuang University of Economics is a university with many disciplines, but its main focus rests on economics, geology and management. This establishment offers a 4-year Bachelor’s course in Economics, it also offers an equally recommendable Master’s course. 

· Jinan University is ranked among the top 3 schools in China. It has 113 nationalities on campus, 43 overseas alumni associations and is ranked 2nd among Chinese schools that accept international students. It has a total of 12 219 students coming from outside of Mainland China. The employment rate of its graduates is high, standing at 97% in 2015. Jinan is usually among the top choices for international students. 

· Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou. This school has formed cooperative relationships with 69 foreign educational establishments. This school is keen on accommodating international students and even has extracurricular activities for them to take part in.