Masters Degree in Economics

Masters Degree in Economics
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Electrical Engineering is rather a new type of engineering and has become a very outstanding and important branch of engineering, thereby causing a spike in the demand for electrical engineers. Many countries depend heavily on Chinese trained electrical engineers and this has made certificates of Chinese institutions to become very valuable and makes the value of Chinese trained electrical engineers golden all around the world. The course aims to imparts the knowledge of electrical energy and energy conversion as well as electronics among others. 

Many countries have not evolved adequately in this field and students prefer to travel to China to study this course. Others also come to China in order to gain a more quality and practical education than they would in other places. Some of the schools that are top of the Electrical engineering list include:

1. Tsinghua University, located in Beijing.

2. Beihang University, located in Beijing.

3. Donghua University, located in Shanghai.

4. Shanghai Normal University, located in Shanghai.

5. Beijing Normal University, located in Beijing.

6. Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, located in Hangzhou.

7. Liaoning Normal University, located in Dalian.

8. Jilin University, located Changchun.

9. Xiamen University, located in Xiamen.

10. Bohai University, located in Jinzhou.

Please note that while these are some of the best electrical engineering universities in China, they are no ranked in any order, whether by merit or any other factors.