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Easy application process

- ACASC was created for a sole purpose of making application processes easier and to make your application process a smoothe one.

- Hundreds of students world wide apply through ACASC to study full-time undergraduate courses every year.

- With one application through ACASC, a student can apply for upto 5 courses in any university.

Choice and quality

- With over 400 universities to choose from and thousands of courses to choose from , China has a course to suite anybody from around the world.

- Chinese degree courses are very specialised so students can focus on their chosen course from the very first day.

- The qualification awarded at the end of a students education will be recognised and respected throughout the world because Chinese degrees meet strict academic standards.

Value and improved career options

- Studying in China can be relatively low compared other countries because some course are a year less .eg. Some Chinese medical universities allow students to go home for their clinicals instead of doing it in China.

- Chinese courses at universities give students practical skills preparing them for employment anywhere in the world.

- Studying in China can improve your language skills which will help you in the global emplyment market place.


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