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How do I contact ACASC?

In addition to regular contact information, faculty and staff can contact ACASC by simply calling or emailing. Contact information can be found in our brochure and on our website.


ACASC is an organization committed to building personal relationships with our partners. We pair exceptional academic offerings with robust services and deep local knowledge to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more information read “About us” on our website or “Our mission” in our brochure.

Who can participate in ACASC programs?

While we manage a great group of ACASC-affiliated universities, we welcome students from all universities, no matter their affiliation status. If you have any questions about how your students can participate, please contact one of our admissions officers.

What services does ACASC offer?

At ACASC, we pride ourselves on our personalized service, and are delighted to work with faculty, staff and students to create unforgettable study abroad experiences. Faculty and staff have the benefit of direct contact with experienced University Relations staff members who can offer an array of services to help study abroad offices discuss our programs.

What housing does ACASC offer students?

ACASC encourages students to build strong communities both with each other and locals. ACASC housing options differ in each city, and include student apartments and dorms. For more information please refer to accommodation in our brochure or on our website.

Are accommodations available for students with learning and/or physical disabilities?

ACASC is committed to doing everything in our power to provide accommodations to all students who require them. Students with disabilities are encouraged to begin planning their study abroad experience well in advance, and to begin their search by speaking with an ACASC admissions counselor. This allows ample time to identify the right program for each student, and for ACASC to provide accommodations to the best of our abilities.